Accelerate your IoT Journey with TensorIoT & AWS.

Build best practices based largescale iot implementations using AWS IoT.

IoT Offerings.

Our IoT offerings focus on providing the necessary toolsets to the customers for a successful IoT implementation.

AWS IoT Jumpstart - 4 Weeks

  • Create/Detail out User stories for POC
  • Architecture Whiteboarding
  • Implement POC leveraging agile methodology
  • Streamline device onboarding and data ingenst
  • Device and Data visualization
  • Hands-on Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Strategic roadmap and prioritized recommendations

Getting Started with AWS IoT - 3 days

  • Introduction to AWS IoT services
  • Hands on demo - Working with AWS IoT
  • AWS IoT best practices
  • AWS IoT at scale
  • Analytics made easy
  • ML Insights from IoT data
  • Operations - Security, Backup, Recover, and Monitoring

Getting Started with AWS Greengrass - 3 days

  • Introduction to AWS Greengrass
  • Hands on demo - Working with AWS Greengrass
  • IoT @ Edge best practices
  • Greengrass at scale
  • ML @ Edge
  • Lambda's everywhere
  • Greengrass in Prod

Customer Success.

Our IoT Customer success stories.

Predictive Maintenance.

Windfarm predictive maintenance solution leveraging AWS IoT & ML

Sentient Science wanted to create a solution that allows frictionless onboarding of Wind-farm customers into Sentient DigitalClone platform and showcase prognostics value early in the engagement lifecycle

TensorIoT’s end-to-end solution includes AWS IoT, Greengrass, IoT Analytics and Amazon SageMaker to ingest, process and analyze windfarm data to derive business value.

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IoT Connectivity Kit

Connectivity solution for ThermoFisher Scientific Equipments

ThermoFisher wanted to create an connectivity solution that help their scientific equipment to be connected to the cloud for monitoring

TensorIoT developed a connectivity solution that included core AWS IoT and Serverless technologies including IoT Core, Greengrass, Device Management, AWS Lambda etc to enable connectivity to various types of intruments within ThermoFisher ecosystem

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