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$19 billion

automotive industry contribution to Canadian GDP


manufacturing usage percent of annual industrial energy consumption

$6.1 billion

Canadian auto parts manufacturing industry market size in 2021



TensorIoT created a data lake with industrial IoT connectivity that enabled the client to monitor energy usage to improve the energy efficiency of their operations.


How can you improve the energy efficiency of your entire operations through IoT connectivity and process monitoring?


The deployed solution enabled the client to visualize the energy utilization and realize a 5% improvement in energy efficiency, working towards 15% with additional integration and development.


Sustainability is a common benchmark for manufacturers to realize improvements in not only their manufacturing processes but also their brand image. A leading Canadian mobility technology company for automakers identified energy consumption as a key pain point for making improvements to their auto part manufacturing process.

The Challenge

The client was looking to optimize their processes to reduce energy usage to meet sustainability goals as well as reduce cost. To handle process optimization, they needed a partner to help them establish a base industrial IoT connectivity platform, industrial data lake and other key infrastructure.

The Solution

TensorIoT utilized AWS services to deploy a customized solution including the creation of an industrial data lake, and a single pane of glass to visualize energy utilization across various parts of the factory floor and and identify energy saving opportunities.

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