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Growth of US Retail Sales in 2021

80% +

Of Warehouses Have No Automation


Warehouse Automation Technology Market Value in 2021



TensorIoT provided the client with a customized building management software solution that consolidated data from multiple sources to provide monitoring of their building environment and create a more safe and sustainable system.


How can you consolidate data from multiple different sources into a cloud-based visualization system that gives insight into work environment conditions?


The client has successfully demonstrated the value of the integrated BMS to key stakeholders within the organization. They are scaling the program to implement company-wide, giving them a robust building management system with clear insight into critical operations and sustainability metrics across their real estate footprint.


The client is a global leader in supply chain services with a large global real estate footprint, and their current building management system was built out of multiple 3rd party SaaS platforms, leaving our client without overall visibility or access to their data. To solve this problem, the customer wanted an integrated BMS solution that also provided a platform for improving sustainability, giving clear insight into building emissions.

The Challenge

The client’s existing solution was composed of multiple 3rd party applications, creating multiple issues - high cost, poor visibility, and no ability to scale. The client needed a customized hardware and software solution to consolidate their environmental monitoring data into an easy-to-use single pane of glass dashboard and data stored in the cloud and available to monitor trends and receive immediate alerts.

The Solution

The TensorIoT team helped to create an integrated framework that provided visualization through a single pane of glass, giving a holistic overview of the client’s buildings to key stakeholders. To improve sustainability, TensorIoT developed and installed a system that monitors and measures HVAC, temperature and energy consumption to map trends and provide alerts when problems arise.

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