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Thermo Fisher Scientific

A leading developer of research instruments, equipment and software wanted to create a connected lab.  Alexa Voice Services allow scientists to operate machines with voice interactions either remotely or in sterile environments.  ThermoPrice believes maximizing AWS will help create more bandwidth for scientist leading to better treatment in the near future.

Reliance Steel

With an Industrial IoT solution, TensorIoT helped Reliance Steel bring innovation to its machinery through the implementation of modern architectures, sensors for legacy augmentation, and machine learning to make the newly acquired data intelligent and actionable.


KisanHub’s core technology brings together public and private data. Their platform is built to connect farmers with the rest of the supply chain. This connectivity is achieved through the collaboration tools provided on the platform. This empowers all market participants to communicate with farmers for in-season operational, agronomic or business advisory services. The data on crops provides supply chain visibility to enterprises.


Nokia shapes technology to transform the human experience. With multi-access edge compute solution integrated with Greengrass, IoT, and Sumerian for a real-time, low latency solution.


Several cities have integrated into AWS Service’s ecosystem by employing Lex Chat to interact with local citizens.  Lex Chat’s conversational interface empowers citizens to report issues, ask questions, and get answers while allowing local governments an effective way of communicating and interacting with residents.


Vodafone provides a range of mobile services, including calls, text and data whether our customers are at home or travelling abroad. TensorIoT helped Vodafone deploy a driver monitoring solution on their multiaccess edge compute (MEC) platform to reduced
accidents and promote safer roads.


Saguna opens the mobile network enabling mobile operators to monetize their networks and differentiate their offering through new partnerships and revenue-generating services. TensorIoT and Saguna helped Vodafone deploy a driver monitoring solution on their multi-access edge compute (MEC) platform to reduce accidents and promote safer roads.


Our teams maintain close relationships with top-level AWS service and account teams, providing around-the-clock access. AWS allows us to help our clients grow within the AWS ecosystem, generating long-term opportunities with AWS beyond our first engagement.

Itron Idea Labs

iTron Idea Labs has created an SDK that allows devices to communicate with AWS IoT core in conjunction with LWM2M protocol. TensorIoT worked in collaboration with AWS Professional Services to provide a highly scalable and robust solution.

3D Systems

3D systems is a leading provider of 3D printers serving a wide variety of customers. TensorIoT worked with 3D systems to update and expand their IoT Device Management platform to allow them to improve the speed, quality, and availability of device data for both brownfield and greenfield devices, enabling better efficiency in deployment and support of their products.

Reliance Steel

With an Industrial IoT solution, TensorIoT helped Reliance Steel bring innovation to its machinery through the implementation of modern architectures, sensors for legacy augmentation, and machine learning to make the newly acquired data intelligent and actionable.


JBS was looking to leverage AWS machine learning services to innovate and drive business value across multiple business units. The solution leverages AWS Machine Learning services like Sagemaker to train and host machine learning models that perform inference on daily data. The solution also leverages services like API Gateway, Lambda, DyanmoDB, Athena for daily orchestration and execution as well.

Sentient Science

The end to end solution will shorten the sales lifecycle of the Sentient DigitalClone platform and drive rapid customer value creation and growth. Cold Start looks at the energy and grid control intelligent edge from wind farm geolocation, install date, climate, terrain and MW capacity to provide a failure rate assessment. The Cold Start model can be applied to every wind turbine in the United States.

Connected Appliances

TensorIoT developed an IoT platform that acted as a connected-device framework. Accompanied by an admin dashboard and customer registration portal. Allowing customers to register their smart appliances enabling over-the-air updates of firmware, settings presets, and recipes. The customized IoT platform allows retail businesses to whitelist only specific appliances while granting customers the option to claim appliances and accept or deny firmware and/or preset updates. AWS services such as Amazon Quicksight then provide insights to internal stakeholders by preparing, analyzing, and visualizing appliance telemetry data

Recent Success Stories

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Making Cities & Counties accessible for all

Citibot wanted a system where citizens of every county were able to communicate day to day issues with their government and at the same time hold the governments accountable to resolve their issues.

TensorIoT developed a next generation chatbot built on top of serverless technologies using Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Elasticsearch and connecting to several 3rd party services including Twilio, Trello, Bing and city backend sites.

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Safer Driving solution deployed on existing and new vehicles

Vodafone wants to leverage their LTE platform to deploy a driver monitoring solution at the edge to reduce accidents and promote safer roads. The solution had to be inexpensive and purchased off the shelf to be installed on new or existing vehicles.

The solution leverages AWS Greengrass, Machine Learning at the edge to perform inference. The camera feed is transmitted over the Vodafone’s LTE network from the car to offload the computational heavy lifting to Saguna’s multi-access edge compute platform.

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