Leveraging the power of AI to improve business-client interaction

“Alexa, what is TensorIoT?”

“TensorIoT develops innovative solutions to transfer, transform and extract data tailored to your company needs with personalized interaction through AI technologies.” – Alexa

How TensorIoT Harnesses the Power of ML

Streamline your customer interactions and increase the productivity of your contact center with the power of agentless voice interactions and chatbots. TensorIoT knows that no two clients are alike, so we always strive to blend design, data, and engineering to meet the current and future needs of our customers. We bring our deep expertise, drive, and passion to solve your unique business needs and deliver solutions you’ll rave about. Some of our offerings include:

Conversational AI meets ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning work in tandem to improve your business processes and communication. Chatbots are evolving in capability and complexity, which fuels innovation and success. Creating a bot today requires a team of content owners, engineers and data scientists to work together, and with TensorIoT, you’ve got the team you need to make things smart.

Amazon Pinpoint

Bringing Communication to the Next Level.

We can help you better understand your avenues of customer communication with the power of Amazon Pinpoint. We deliver the methods to capture real time behavioral data, measure results, and take actions, all in one easy-to-use package.

Amazon Pinpoint is a multi-channel digital engagement platform that empowers companies to send email, text (SMS), mobile push, encoded voice, and custom channels to communicate with customers while simultaneously generating insights into customers interactions across channels of engagement.

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Next-Gen Contact Centers

Save time and resource power.

Stop wasting time and manpower to handle call routing in your contact center. With the power of Amazon Lex, we’ll leverage voice-to-text technology with your existing processing to deliver agentless voice interactions and chatbots capable of answering your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), quickly and correctly routing incoming calls to improve not only the client-side experience but also improve the effectiveness of your contact center employees.

Click-Through Predictions  

Improve customer experience and CTR.

Understanding customer behavior is a key element in developing targeted marketing plans, and enabling the optimal customer experience is a proven technique for driving sales. We’ll help you leverage technology to boost your click-through rate.

Applications range from multiple classification, regression, and ranking use-cases. This may be added into real-time bidding systems or integrated into the customer workflow on websites and apps. The model uses XGBoost to run a real-time predictor and return a scored prediction result.

Accelerating Outcomes

Transform the way your business communicates with TensorIoT’s mastery of conversational AI. Reduce the workload for your contact center with agentless voice interaction and chatbots. Replace an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with an Amazon Lex bot to optimize routing calls and handle frequently asked questions.



Improve service & efficiency.

  • Insurance Pricing.
  • Claim Fraud Prevention.
  • Claim Payment Automation.
  • Direct Marketing.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Improve customer experience.

  • Automated Responses.
  • Custom Chatbot with Q&A service.
  • Optimized Routing.
  • Re-design App Workflow.



Optimize your network.

  • Prioritize for Edge.
  • Monitoring infrastructure.
  • Enhance legacy infrastructure & devices.
  • Routing & Caching Optimization.



Reduce risks to portfolio.

  • Credit Scoring.
  • Fraud Prevention.
  • Risk Management.
  • Stress Testing.



Improve patient care.

  • Disease Propensity.
  • Forecasting ICU Occupancy.
  • Re-admission Risk.
  • Track Compliance.



Improve Outcomes.

  • Predict Customer Churn.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Lifetime Value.
  • Personalized Advertising.

Getting Started with AWS DeepLens –
3 Days

  • Rapid Device Setup

  • Use built-in models

  • Create custom models

  • Deploy models to AWS DeepLens

  • Intro to AWS Lambda

  • Intro to Amazon Sagemaker

  • Train with Amazon SageMaker

  • Automate end to end workflow

Amazon Sagemaker Labs –
1 Week

  • Intro to Amazon SageMaker

  • Notebooks in Amazon SageMaker

  • Deploy a trained motel

  • Bring your own model

  • Review built-in algorithms

  • Training a model

  • Invoking the endpoint at scale

  • Other frameworks in Amazon SageMaker

Machine Learning at EDGE Labs –
1 Week

  • Intro to AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass

  • Install & Setup AWS Greengrass

  • Deploy model to Edge

  • ML Inference on Edge

  • Intro to AWS Lambda

  • Create and train model

  • Review model versioning support

  • Automate discovery to notification

Ubiquitous Voice Interface with Alexa
– 1 Week Lab

  • Review Alexa, ASK, AVS and A4B services

  • Gather requirements and user stories

  • Create custom skill

  • Integrate with wider AWS ecosystem

  • Create a starter skill

  • Lead design and development of UX/UI

  • Assist with ROI analysis

  • Advanced Admin Panel

Product ML Implementations –

  • Map requirements to user stories

  • Lead design, development and testing

  • Automate the full CICD process

  • Source Files Included

  • Define a ML roadmap

  • Develop Models with Customer team

  • Advanced Admin Panel

  • 24×7 Priority Email Support

Customer Success

Enhance your customer experience, and enable scale capabilities of a conversational interface.

Delivering Community Information to All 

Citibot needed a system that enabled citizens of a county  to learn vital information during the pandemic and other crisis scenarios, improving government communication and holding municipal governments accountable to resolve their issues.

TensorIoT developed a next-generation Chatbot built on serverless technologies leveraging AWS technology to deliver up-to-date information incorporating multiple 3rd party services including Twilio, Trello, Bing and city backend sites.

ML Forecast Model for Product Manufacturing Demand
A leading developer of research instruments, equipment and software wanted to create a connected lab.  Alexa Voice Services allow scientists to operate machines with voice interactions either remotely or in sterile environments.  ThermoPrice believes maximizing AWS will help create more bandwidth for scientist leading to better treatment in the near future.
Amazon Forecast took in site-specific manufacturing data, as well as a host of metrics surrounding historical sales and product demand, and then used machine learning to predict optimal production schedules by manufacturing site.
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