IoT Kits featuring LoRa® Solutions

Sustainable Operating Efficiency in Industry 4.0

TensorIoT, Semtech and AWS produced two joint solutions – a Smart Building Kit & an Asset Tracking Kit – which include all the necessary hardware and connectivity, a web user interface to deliver a superior out-of-box-solution for building owners looking to experience the power of IoT. The kits enables customers to quickly deploy sensors and gain insight into what is happening in their buildings. The solution utilizes AWS IoT services under the hood, and is easily extensible such that customers can add additional sensors and capabilities on their own or through SI services from TensorIoT.

From AWS, Semtech & TensorIoT

Asset Tracking Kit

The TensorIoT asset tracking reference kit combines IoT hardware together with a cloud dashboard to enable tracking of devices on a map.

The Asset Tracking Reference Kit (“Kit”) is a portable reference Kit designed to validate LoRaWAN® network coverage around a building or site and to accelerate solution development for a wide range of stakeholders. The self-contained nature of this reference Kit makes it easy to set up, take down, and move a network in a matter of minutes.

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Smart Building Kit

The TensorIoT smart building reference kit combines IoT hardware together with a cloud dashboard to enable easy visualization in the cloud of key metrics within a building.

The Smart Building Reference Kit (“Kit”) is designed to provide validation of the network coverage within a building, accelerate solution development and facilitate a portable demonstration to a wide range of stakeholders. By moving the location of the sensors to different spots around the building, users can determine a gateway’s range of coverage.

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