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With sensors, a cloud gateway, and SmartInsights powered by AWS, you can quickly deploy your own Smart Factory production pilot with minimal investment and no obligation.


Whether counting products, detecting performance changes in rotating equipment, or simply knowing when machines are doing true value-added work, increasing situational awareness of your production environment is an important first step in the digital transformation of your manufacturing operations. See the state of your machines and equipment from anywhere in the plant, from home or other locations anywhere in the world. With a secure connection created by CloudRail together with SmartInsights software from TensorIoT deployed in your own AWS account, your production environment is protected from intrusion and you’ll always own and control your production data.


Whether referred to as Smart Factory, Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Industrie 4.0, digital manufacturing, or cloud-based production, it all begins with having improved observability of your production environment, increasing situational awareness among workers and managers, and providing actionable insight to keep production operations running smoothly.


Regardless of the type of equipment you have or its age, it can be part of your digital transformation. Data can be read directly from newer equipment with protocols such as OPC UA, and information about the state and performance of older, legacy equipment can be collected with one or more secondary sensors. For example, a current sensor can determine when a machine is on (lower current draw) and doing value-adding production work (based on a higher current draw). Likewise, a vibration sensor can provide insight into activity and, in many cases, provide the data needed for predictive maintenance with machine learning (ML) used to identify differences between healthy operation of the machine and anomalies indicating the likelihood of pending failure without maintenance intervention.


As part of this rapid deployment offer, we will work with you to select the best sensor for your older equipment. With over 12,000 sensors to choose from, there is a sensor to meet your needs. If your solution can’t use our prepackaged sensors, we’ll credit you with the sensor cost and work directly with you to select and purchase alternative sensors

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Key Benefits

Develop familiarity with digital factory technology and its benefits in your own environment 

Increase situational awareness of your production environment, on and off the floor

Track data to calculate uptime, asset utilization, yield, OEE or other production statistics

Visualize trends in asset performance with live and historical views

Use your data to integrate with other systems or perform your own analysis

Evaluate Industry 4.0 capabilities with minimal investment of time and money


Establish a solid foundation for adding additional capabilities such as machine learning for predictive maintenance, prescriptive analytics, and more

How Customers Use It

One manufacturer recently deployed SmartInsights and within two weeks was able to see energy usage data indicating poor performance in mixing equipment. By taking corrective action to reconfigure a drive motor, the manufacturer reduced energy use by over 10% while improving throughput nearly 20%. All of this was made possible from a single data point on a single piece of equipment, which demonstrates the power of collecting data even from older equipment and making it visible to production staff. Whether you have newer equipment or machines that are decades old, CloudRail can get your machine data to your own AWS cloud account, where SmartInsights can help you visualize and analyze the data to give you the power to spot problems, take corrective action, and improve operational performance.

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