Bringing Communication to the Next Level

Obtain real time behavioral data, measure results, and take actions, all in one easy-to-use package.

Amazon Pinpoint is a multi-channel digital engagement platform that enables companies to send email, text (SMS), mobile push, encoded voice, and custom channels like applications and messaging apps to their customers while generating insights into how their customers are interacting with them across channels of engagement.

Flexible for Developers

Single API destination that powers all channels of communication and empowers developers to build segments, create campaigns, execute on-schedule or event-based campaigns, and deliver directly to an individual.


Messages and analytics delivered in real-time to/from Pinpoint and Kinesis for downstream analysis or storage.

Access from Multiple Data Sources

Import data from AWS services like S3/Redshift and 3rd party solutions (e.g. Salesforce, Mixpanel, POS systems, beacons, etc) to create custom segments.

Measure Results

Track the impact of engagement efforts and A/B test different messages and complete experiences (via Journeys) to see what works.

Massively Scalable

Reliably deliver millions of messages per minute using the same infrastructure that’s used by worldwide.

How TensorIoT is utilizing Amazon Pinpoint

Care Connectors Medical Group (CCMG), a healthcare provider in need of an efficient solution for handling appointments at their call centers, reached out to TensorIoT for a solution. The majority of their appointments were being processed manually either by patients dialing into the call center or staff members contacting the patients directly.

Our Solution

TensorIoT created a solution utilizing AWS Lex and Amazon Pinpoint to streamline CCMG’s appointment system by harnessing the power of custom chatbots. Patients are now able to have intelligent conversations with a chatbot instead of an agent, saving time for both the patient and CCMG.

Solution Benefits

One of the benefits of utilizing a chatbot is that a patient can begin conversations via an instantaneous mobile channel instead of an agent. This lowers call center costs for the company, surfaces key information for the agent, and decreases wait times for the patient, all while allowing the patient to manage their appointment immediately. This delivers an improved experience for the patient, agent, and company as it alleviates the pain point their current system is experiencing.

How Does it Work?

Create and update an appointment with TensorIoT’s application utilizing one of two main options. 


SMS Text Message

Both options utilize Amazon Lex to route the caller through various scenarios in order to fulfill their appointment management needs. Amazon Pinpoint creates the opportunity for patients who prefer to stay off the phone and instead, utilize a conversational SMS texting experience to interact with the chatbot. This opens up two way text message communication which can be extremely useful and convenient.

Other Features We Included

In addition to building out the application and all of its functionality, TensorIoT also provided a custom user-friendly dashboard for the staff to be able to manage these calls and appointments with ease.

Elevated Solutions

By utilizing the Amazon Pinpoint technology, the data from the text message can be extracted, stored and recalled through the user interface for the system to properly manage the patient’s appointments automatically.

Thanks to Amazon Pinpoint, this entire solution is lightweight, extendable and dramatically increases the efficiency of CCMG’s call center performance by providing an alternative option to just the standard phone call. Not only does it greatly benefit CCMG as a company, but it also provides a cheaper and safer alternative to receive at-home-care for their patients.