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Let's Meet at re:Invent

Event Dates

November 27th 2023 - December 1st 2023


Discover the transformative power of generative AI with TensorIoT at AWS re:Invent! Our dedicated team is excited to engage with you to explore how we can accelerate your business operations, enhance your sustainability profile, and harness the robust capabilities of AWS to boost operational efficiency. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with us to learn how our personalized solutions are tailored to drive your business forward. TensorIoT harnesses the synergy of generative AI and AWS's powerful infrastructure to deliver streamlined operations and sustainable growth.


We are thrilled at the prospect of connecting with each one of you. Make sure to register for our happy hours at the links below, where the conversation continues in a more relaxed setting. Your journey towards operational excellence fueled by generative AI is just a meeting away!

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