Implementation of Modern Architectures

Bringing Intelligence to Industrial Manufacturing

Many of the machines that Reliance Steel uses to produce goods and materials have been in service for decades. When one of them fails or breaks down, it has multiple impacts on the business, including lower production quotas, lost revenue, and increased maintenance costs to bring the machinery back online. By adopting a more preventative approach to maintenance using Industrial IoT and machine learning, Reliance could drastically reduce the down-time of broken machinery and possibly eliminate the production gap that offline machines can create.

To accomplish this, Reliance Steel teamed up with TensorIoT to connect its industrial machines to the internet and get telemetry data from the different sensors and loggers on the machines. This data can be ingested by AWS IoT Core and stored in a data lake so that it’s accessible to other components such as machine learning or a custom web UI. Once the data was brought into the data lake, Reliance Steel uses Amazon SageMaker to do preventive maintenance on the machines based on the data that’s being brought in to the system.

A perfect Industrial IoT solution is made up of four components: data, IoT architecture, machine learning, and business intelligence. Without data, there is no way of gaining actionable insights for your business. The IoT architecture consists of connected devices (sensors) as well as the ingestion and storage of data into a place where it can be consumed and analyzed. Machine learning is what makes the data “intelligent” and helps companies both understand and make predictions based on data patterns produced by the ML models. Lastly, business intelligence tools help visualize the data so companies can make informed decisions.

Reliance Steel had a vision of becoming a company that approached maintenance in a more proactive way. Doing so would help it reduce costs and expenditures while ensuring quotas were met or exceeded. By partnering with TensorIoT to develop an Industrial IoT solution, Reliance Steel brought innovation to its machinery through the implementation of modern architectures, sensors for legacy augmentation, and machine learning to make the newly acquired data intelligent and actionable.