Bringing Science to the Edge

Interconnected Device Hub with Analytics

A leading developer of research instruments, equipment and software wanted to create a connected lab.  Alexa Voice Services allow scientists to operate machines with voice interactions either remotely or in sterile environments.  ThermoFisher believes maximizing AWS will help create more bandwidth for scientist leading to better treatment in the near future. TensorIoT engaged in edge device software development, to enable sensor telemetry data from equipment to be collected and transmitted to the cloud using AWS IoT and AWS GreenGrass. Devices that previously had no connectivity can now manage their data, even with little to no internet, and push curated data to AWS IoT Integration with AWS will enable labs to have flexibility & scalability through automatic updates, improved metrics, and reliable data security and backups.

TensorIoT devloped a voice-assistant tool for use in sterile laboratories—”touchless environments” where employees must wear equipment and gloves—saving them time from the hassle of using pen and paper, or interfacing with computers. TensorIoT integrated Alexa Voice Services with lab devices, and developed Alexa Skills for complex voice interactions in the lab. The hands-free voice tool freed up lab bandwidth by providing a seamless interactive experience in a sterile environment.

ML Forecasting Model for Product Manufacturing Demand

TensorIoT helped Thermofisher Scientific calibrate manufacturing schedules by creating more accurate product demand fore casts that leverage sales, price, and promotional data

Amazon Forecast took in site-specific manufacturing data, as well as a host of metrics surrounding historical sales and product demand, and then used machine learning to predict optimal production schedules by manufacturing site. Our Amazon Forecast model allowed our customer to drastically improve their elasticity to demand—reducing over and underproduction, and optimizing stock and inventory space, while cutting down on waste. Our customer continues to incorporate these Forecast models into their demand planning

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