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Annual Growth Rate of Transportation Industry

$791.7 Billion

Transportation Industry’s 2021 Revenue

1.7 Million

Number of People Employed in the Automobile Industry in the U.S.



To align with our client's strategy, TensorIoT developed a CMS feature to prioritize insurance and fleet management. Additionally, we designed and deployed GeoFencing for the client, allowing them to monitor high value assets.


How can you prioritize a connected mobility system to improve fleet management?


Our client now has the ability to enable and engage Vehicle Command and Control features through the CMS platform.


Our client, a leading car parts manufacturer, is committed to delivering advanced automotive technologies, systems, and products. With a focus on developing in-vehicle technologies and mobility services, our client has successfully incorporated MaaS technology into their operations and were continually seeking the next level of innovation.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to enhance the functionality of their CMS app, and most of our client’s original designs were static or incomplete when they brought their ideas to TensorIoT. TensorIoT completed the client’s designs and used AWS technology to provide a powerful CMS system based on the client’s specifications.

The Solution

TensorIoT designed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a scalable CMS system, capable of handling multiple vehicles and storing data for analysis and visualization. This gave our client the ability to enhance functionality. The core functionality of the PoC is built around video, feature management, and the use of IoT Shadows for two-way command and control, feature toggle, and feature management.

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