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Built on AWS, TensorIoT delivers success using our industry know-how, technical mastery and deep experience. With our specialized industry expertise in Sustainability, Manufacturing and Life Sciences, our proven solutions empower your organization and take your business to the next level.


The journey to improve your company’s sustainability is a challenge, and TensorIoT is here to assist. We know it’s not easy to collect consistent and accurate data, and it’s often difficult to address the internal blockers that can prevent programs from getting started.

TensorIoT helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals through our specialized solutions. Learn how we utilize energy, air and water quality monitoring and our expertise in carbon footprint analysis to deliver carbon reductions through smart buildings, supply chain insights, and manufacturing shifts.

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TensorIoT helps manufacturers improve operational efficiency and harness the power of advanced technologies. Whether your equipment is one year or one hundred years old, we help manufacturers connect their factories and improve workflow. Let us give you deeper insight into your processes through our solutions, unlocking predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, and more.


Revolutionizing the automotive sector, TensorIoT infuses cutting-edge technology, harnessing the power of AI and ML to drive efficiency, improve quality, and reduce carbon footprints across the automotive supply chain.

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Life Sciences

TensorIoT partners with Life Sciences and Healthcare companies to drive digital transformation with specialized solutions that increase R&D and production efficiency, reduce service and support costs, and deliver personalized healthcare with improved patient outcomes. 

With our “lab of the future” expertise, we leverage AI/ML and Cognitive Technologies to digitize and optimize your lab, accelerate clinical trials, and organize cloud migrations and healthlake development. Our solutions also provide fully compliant and easily audited systems customized to your needs.

Other Industries 

Regardless of industry, you can tap into TensorIoT technical knowledge and know-how to create a custom solution. We can help you modernize your products and business applications and help solve problems faster with the support of AI, ML, advanced data analytics, and other technologies. For all of your unique business goals, you can rely on TensorIoT to deliver a solution to advance your business and help you lead your industry. 

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