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Estimated Life Sciences Analytics Market Growth in North America

$10.2 billion

Life Sciences Analytics Market Size in 2023


Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Market for Life Sciences Analytics



TensorIoT’s deployment of generative AI and AWS services revolutionized Eversana's data analysis capabilities, optimizing their claim support process in the life sciences industry.


How can we effectively leverage AI to streamline and enhance the customer’s evidence-based claim support?


The solution significantly improved Eversana’s ability to process and analyze data, facilitating the support of claims with precise evidence. This advancement streamlined their operations and enhanced their service offerings in the life sciences sector.


Eversana, a leader in global life sciences services, specializes in managing product launches and commercialization in the life sciences industry. Serving over 670 organizations, their focus is on providing sustainable value across the product life cycle. Eversana aimed to incorporate generative AI to enhance their service offerings, particularly in analyzing Real World Evidence for support claims.

The Challenge

Eversana faced the challenge of efficiently parsing and utilizing vast amounts of clinical trial data to substantiate specific claims. The complexity and volume of data, along with the need for accurate mapping of evidence to claims, presented a noteworthy hurdle in their operational efficiency, making it an excellent target for improvement..

The Solution

TensorIoT implemented a comprehensive AI-driven solution, utilizing AWS technology such as AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, and Amazon SageMaker to enable the efficient processing and analysis of diverse data formats, facilitating advanced natural language processing. The integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) alongside these AWS services allowed Eversana to accurately process and analyze claim and evidence data, unifying and transforming it for effective application. The end-to-end solution included backend software, an intuitive web application, and extensive knowledge transfer, ensuring seamless integration into Eversana’s operations.

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