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$5.6 billion

Global Mass Spectrometry Market Size by 2025


CAGR for Global Mass Spectrometry Device Market Size from 2020-2025


Percentage of Global R&D Expenditure by the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry



TensorIoT help the customer develop an extendable technology platform to manage and monitor the customers high-value mass cytometry equipment.


How can you use LoRaWAN technology to oversee primary company assets to reduce NRE cost and maintain sensors?


The customer gained a connected device solution to improve client use of assets and enhanced IoT connectivity, providing new accessibility to data..


The client is a global leader in the manufacturing of microfluidic devices. Their mission is to provide customers with reliable products that solve our problems. The client wanted to consolidate their channels into a connected ecosystem to deliver a “customer 360 experience” to have all the relevant information (Temp, Humidity, Air Flow and Current) for their Mass Cytometry Instruments in a single pane of glass, and wanted to have connected data to provide comprehensive monitoring of assets.

The Challenge

Understanding instrument usage is key for both the client and the client’s customers to properly manage instruments. The solution leveraged AWS IoT LoRaWAN technology for easy onboarding, monitoring and maintenance. The solution consisted of off the shelf sensors and gateway technologies to ensure ample supply of sensors and reduce the NRE cost.

The Solution

TensorIoT built an extendable technology platform that helped monitor their high value assets for key metrics including temperature, humidity, air flow, and load current draw, along with the integration of assets into the overall system.

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