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Of Companies Report Full Visibility On Their Supply Chain

$15.8 Billion

Global Supply Chain Market in 2023


Expected CAGR for Supply Chain Market from 2020-2027



TensorIoT use AWS and generative AI to develop an automatic data analytics system, improving efficiency, accelerating decision- making, and providing valuable operational insights for the customer.


How can we leverage generative AI to provide enhanced data analytics and reporting to foster productivity growth?


The solution dramatically reduced the time and effort spent on manual reporting, leading to increased speed and efficiency. This modern approach allowed faster decision-making and presented a clearer understanding of vital areas like inventory status, capacity, and supply chain risks.


Our customer, a leader in the manufacturing and logistics field, was finding it hard to grow and improve due to old-fashioned, slow reporting methods. They had large amounts of stored data but lacked a pathway to easily extract useful information. Their goal was to use generative AI to develop a modernized information infrastructure for advanced data and analytics reporting.

The Challenge

The primary hurdle was transitioning from manual reporting to an automated, insightful data analytics system. The customer was struggling to generate meaningful insights from their vast data reserves, making it tough to optimize their operations and increase productivity. They needed a transformative solution capable of effectively mining their data to deliver actionable insights.

The Solution

TensorIoT architected an innovative data analytics solution on AWS, incorporating Generative AI, Amazon Bedrock, and a public Foundational Model. This robust system facilitates automatic database queries and generates comprehensive reports on vital metrics using natural language prompts. The solution enabled the customer to shift from manual reporting to a highly automated and intelligent data analytics system.

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