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$82.6 billion

Revenue generated by the U.S. waste management industry in 2020.


Annual growth rate of the U.S. waste management industry from 2016-2021.


Percentage of waste generated in the U.S. that was recycled in 2018.



The customer gained a platform that ingests system data, then sorts and showcases key metrics in a dashboard view for operational management.


How can you use AWS services to create a big data platform with real-time visibility into operational data?


The customer now has the real-time ability to easily sort data in a dashboard view, increase response times to emergencies, and analyze historical data/tendencies to improve on processes in the future.


The customer is a manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging products that also handles recycling and waste management. They value innovation and smarter solutions while also maintaining an eco-friendly business model. The client asked TensorIoT to leverage AWS technology to build a data platform that provides real-time visibility of their data.

The Challenge

As part of their continual pursuit of technology-driven solutions, the customer wanted to create a big data platform by ingesting garbage truck data and other systems like Salesforce to provide visibility as well as monitoring key indicators to improve performance and reduce costs. They needed a high volume/high response system - mapping feature to display 50000 points within 10 milliseconds, requiring the system to be exceptionally responsive.The ingestion needed to be real time with minimal latency. The platform had to be scalable, secure, auditable, highly available, highly performant and fault tolerant.

The Solution

TensorIoT created a data collection process that handled the coordination of data with an external source, and assembled the data into a highly responsive data repository to serve a UI for use by the customer’s internal team as well as customers to provide rapid data reporting and visualization for over 50000 points of vehicle data.

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