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368 million

Metric Tons of Annual Global Plastic Production in 2019.


Of Global Plastic Materials Production Is Accounted For By North America


Of Production Energy Is Saved By Recycled Steel



TensorIoT leveraged AWS cloud and generative AI to augment Rehrig’s supply chain management, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities.


How can we optimize our supply chain processes with enhanced visibility and control?


The platform significantly improved Rehrig's operational visibility and efficiency. AI-driven insights and real-time data visualization led to better decision-making and supply chain management. The scalable AWS infrastructure also ensured reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Rehrig Pacific Company, a leader in supply chain and waste management solutions, was interested in optimizing their picking processes efficiently. To address the issues and enhance their operational outcomes, they wanted to leverage generative AI and AWS cloud technology for better data analysis and process management.

The Challenge

Rehrig needed to optimize their supply chain and waste management operations, focusing on visibility and control over picking processes. Key challenges included integrating AI-driven quality control, handling large data volumes, and ensuring system scalability and reliability. A user-friendly interface for data interaction and visualization was also crucial.

The Solution

TensorIoT developed a dynamic software platform on AWS cloud infrastructure, featuring a serverless, microservices-based architecture for scalability and operational efficiency. Key features included real-time analytics, data accuracy tools, plain English Generative AI capabilities, and comprehensive system management. This solution adhered to AWS Well-Architected Framework standards.

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