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Our mission is to help connect devices and make them smarter. Our founders firmly believe in the transformative potential of smarter devices to enhance our quality of life. We have helped build world-class IoT and AI platforms at AWS and Google. Now we are focused on creating solutions to simplify the way enterprises incorporate edge devices and their data into their day to day operations.

Consulting Services

Outcome based offerings with a customer-first business model.

Every member on our team is AWS Certified. With TensorIoT, you can be assured that you are getting best-in-class designs to accelerate your digital journey.

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We can help jumpstart your journey into the serverless paradigm and keep your company current to attract the best talent. We extend industry standard frameworks like SAM to integrate into your enterprise tooling.

TensorIoT has the ability to build fully-functional solutions that incorporate IoT delivery, Machine Learning device provisioning, custom alerting, and command control. Let us help you leverage your data and insights by turning them into a custom cutting-edge solution.

Internet of Things

We offer end to end Internet of Things implementation. Our team excels at connecting things and seamlessly deriving business value. We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time.

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning experts harness the power of AI an ML to deliver cutting edge and scalable solutions to take your company to the leading edge of technology. Let us derive intelligence and value from your data!


TensorIoT provides seamless integrations of DevOps solutions using the AWS platform. As AWS Advanced Consulting Partners we are focused on maximizing developers’ time while minimizing time spent on delivery pipelines.

Edge Computing

We help accelerate Edge implementation of your IoT workload and integrate cutting edge technologies like ML at the edge, Time-Series Historian, Protocol translation, Local decision engine.

Enterprise Strategy

We demystify the cloud over IoT, AI & ML buzz words and offer a tangible enterprise strategy to ensure that your company can stay ahead of the curve.

Smart Fleet Management

An IoT solution consists of devices, connectivity, applications, cloud and field resources. Our TOC (Things Operations Center) monitors your solution to ensure that potential issues don’t become major problems.

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