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Bringing computer vision to the edge

The AWS Panorama Appliance is a hardware device that allows you to add computer vision (CV) to your internet protocol (IP) cameras that weren’t built to accommodate computer vision. AWS Panorama Appliance turns your existing cameras into smart cameras that can run CV models on multiple concurrent video streams.

AWS Panorama Benefits

When we heard about AWS Panorama, we jumped on board, integrating it into our consulting solutions and our SafetyVisor product. Here are some of the reasons we love it:

Add ML to your existing camera systems

Make decisions in real time

Enable CV in limited connectivity environments

Meet data privacy and governance requirements


Get started quickly with CV applications

Fast development in a familiar programming environment


Helping parkland fuels gather important retail analytics

With AWS’s Panorama Appliance, we helped Parkland Fuels turn their existing cameras into smart cameras without having to install edge devices or build a data pipeline from scratch. In a flash, Parkland’s cameras were online and performing Machine Learning analytics.


TensorIoT was founded on the instinct that the majority of the ‘compute’ is moving to the edge and all ‘things’ are becoming smarter. Panorama has greatly facilitated moving computer vision to the edge. Leveraging AWS Panorama, TensorIoT engaged with Parkland Fuel to gather important retail analytics that will help their business thrive

Ravikumar Raghunathan

CEO, TensorIoT



AWS Panorama for Computer Vision Applications

By Viraj Deshwal & Nicholas Burden

AWS Panorama provides integration with the cloud to bring Computer Vision to the edge with a fully managed AWS Edge inference device for real-time inference.

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