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$205 billion

Revenue generated by the American automobile manufacturing industry in 2020.


Annual growth rate of the American automobile manufacturing industry from 2016-2021.

16.5 million

Number of passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. in 2020.



TensorIoT built the customer a linked data system that gives them enhanced visibility over their operations, unlocked asset mapping along with a data lake, and data integration with their existing work order system.


How can you use AWS services to gain greater insight into manufacturing data from multiple automotive manufacturing plants?


The client has a single pane of glass data visualization that allows them to perform searches and queries of their manufacturing data to optimize their operations.


The customer is a leading American automotive manufacturer, with multiple manufacturing plants across the U.S. The client was looking to improve their data utilization and optimization to unlock data-driven decision making and gain a high level overview of their manufacturing processes across multiple plants.

The Challenge

The customer’s goal is to extract the data out of their industrial equipment, which is operating on premises and each of the client’s manufacturing facilities, and visualize data coming from these systems in a centralized manner. Their existing setup was disjointed - data is siloed away in systems that very few people have access to and the only visibility that leadership has is the reports that are generated on a periodic basis from the administrators of these systems.

The Solution

TensorIoT connect all the customer’s US facilities, starting with creating the edge environment to connect to existing systems, helping them extract data (OPC UA and other protocol) for transmission to AWS IoT Core and Sitewise through secure channels into a data lake. The TensorIoT team created a single pane of glass dashboard to deliver robust data visualization and unlocking additional future use cases including predictive analytics and predictive maintenance.

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