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percentage of US oil production that comes from shale

2.67 billion

barrels of shale oil produced in 2020

7.31 million

barrels of shale oil produced each day in 2020



TensorIoT developed the backend structure incorporating AWS IoT Sitewise, allowing BPX to ingest their data for remote operations monitoring.


How can we create a system for BPX to utilize AWS IoT Sitewise and gain improved remote operating capabilities?


TensorIoT empowered BPX Energy to quickly monitor remote operations by integrating AWS IoT SiteWise into the backend architecture.


BPX Energy is BP’s US onshore oil and gas production business, one part of its resilient and focused hydrocarbons portfolio. BPX Energy is a key component of BP’s corporate strategy to become an integrated energy company and to be net zero by 2050 or sooner.

The Challenge

BPX needed a backend architecture that would enable them to utilize and ingest metadata from the ETL++ Operational Data Delivery Software System “TwinTalk” created by implementation partner Embassy of Things (EoT).

The Solution

TensorIoT implemented the AWS IMC backend architecture using AWS IoT SiteWise to ingest metadata from TwinTalk and use the metadata repository to create asset models and hierarchies reflecting BPX Energy physical sites. Establishing this connectivity gave BPX the infrastructure to empower their remote operations.

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