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$100 billion

est. cost of operational and clinical inefficiencies correctable with IoT

1.68 trillion

U.S. healthcare industry revenue from patient care

24 days

average wait time for a new patient appointment in america



TensorIoT helped CCMG incorporate Amazon Lex and Pinpoint into their application and CRM system to improve response times and increase engagement.


Improve the acceptance rates and engagement levels of patients being served by CCMG, enabling doctors to provide digital patient visits to more of their patients.


AWS and TensorIoT helped CCMG incorporate natural language processing into their client services to increase response time and improve patient interactions.


Care Connectors Medical Group (CCMG) is a leading National Healthcare and Services organization with the goal of providing their end users with the best possible user experience. CCMG allows patients to take advantage of in-home medical services at a fraction of the cost of standard outpatient medical visits. Through their broad network of physicians, CCMG keeps patients up to date on their medical examinations and provides them medical services without requiring office visits.

The Challenge

CCMG aimed to create an efficient system to optimize appointments scheduling and routing for their providers, so they partnered with TensorIoT to improve their processes and harness the power of AWS Pinpoint. The goal for the project was to drive higher engagement and acceptance rates as well as optimizing routing for CCMG providers to help maximize the number of digital patient visits client doctors can perform in a day. One key factor in the project was ensuring full HIPAA compliance.

The Solution

Using Amazon Lex and its deep learning functionalities gave TensorIoT the ability to create a scalable service capable of increasing user engagement by interacting with the target audience directly. As this app initiates conversation with patients, AWS Lex is able to manage dialog and use a variety of APIs to record critical user data, all being managed under strict HIPAA data confidentiality.

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