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U.S. adults get local government info using tech


U.S. adults look for government info online


U.S. adults think government shares data effectively



TensorIoT developed a chatbot utilizing AWS Alexa to help provide critical government information to local residents in a rapid fashion.


How can we ensure that residents have fast reliable access to the most up-to-date information impacting their cities, even if they don’t have access to the internet?


The TensorIoT chatbot search engine leveraged Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra to allow communities to stay informed and connected through a simple text.


Citibot is a company dedicated to using accessible chat communications to building trust between governments and residents. The COVID-19 Pandemic put a new weight on Citibot operations. With Covid-19, Citibot call centers saw a dramatic uptick in wait times and call abandonments as citizens tried to get information about virus prevention and unemployment insurance.

The Challenge

To increase the flexibility and robustness of their chatbots to new query types, Citibot looked to add a general search capability to their chatbots. Citibot wanted a solution that could outperform 3rd party solutions and effectively leverage curated FAQ content and recently published data from multiple websites such as the CDC, federal, state, and local government websites.

The Solution

TensorIoT’s chatbot search solution helped local citizens quickly find the answers they needed and reduced wait times by up to 90%. This in turn decreased the volume of interactions handled by city officials, eased uncertainty within communities and allowed municipal governments to focus on keeping their communities safe. As offices closed due to the pandemic, this solution also provided a contactless way for residents without internet access to search for information on government websites at any time through their phones.

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