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Of U.S. Construction Dollars Spent on New Design-Build Projects

$664 billion

Global Construction Aggregates Market Value by 2031


Expected CAGR for Construction Aggregates Market Size from 2021-2031



TensorIoT SmartInsights, powered by AWS, uses machine learning to both visualize and analyze production operations for the client, providing insight to drive improved operational efficiency.


How can visualization and analytics identify changes in equipment performance levels and realize improved overall output potential?


The client has improved operational efficiency and output levels thanks to real-time monitoring, visualization, analytics, and increased data insight.


As construction aggregates, crushed stone and construction sand and gravel are the basic raw materials used to build the foundation for modern society. Their widespread use makes them major contributors to the economic health of the construction industry. A major aggregates producer with approximately 400 production sites in multiple countries approached TensorIoT about improving the quality and efficiency of their production operations.

The Challenge

The client wanted to gain the ability to visualize performance of primary assets, see specific live data, and receive automatic notifications/alerts when critical functions were out of target. The company’s IT personnel needed training as appropriate for this new solution as well.

The Solution

TensorIoT used SmartInsights and AWS IoT services to connect to existing client equipment and ingest data for storage and analysis. SmartInsights also provided visual reporting on the “single pane of glass” and analytics suitable for real time alerts. Thanks to the implementation of more than a dozen AWS services, the client was provided a path to unlock increased output levels and improved operational efficiency.

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