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average annual hours of downtime in manufacturing


average cost of an unplanned downtime incident in manufacturing


average productivity lost to unplanned downtime



TensorIoT built out the framework to allow the Client to utilize Amazon Lookout for Equipment and Sitewise on their newly modernized IoT platform.


How can the client get their new IoT infrastructure properly connected to unlock the latest in cutting-edge AWS technology?


TensorIoT built the necessary connectivity for the client, giving them practical anomaly detection and improved asset management.


A leading Independent Energy Company in the United States operates in multiple states, including major oil and gas production states. The client worked with a technology vendor to overhaul their outdated infrastructure, but when they went to add AWS features to their process flow, they ran into issues.

The Challenge

The client started a project with another company to modernize their IoT infrastructure, but the other vendor wasn't positioned to give the client access to the cutting edge of AWS technology including features like Sitewise and Lookout for Equipment. The client needed an Advanced Consulting Partner with the expertise to bridge the gap between their new infrastructure and AWS.

The Solution

TensorIoT was engaged specifically to build out AWS Sitewise and Lookout for Equipment on the client’s newly modernized IoT platform. TensorIoT’s work gave the client useful, broadly deployable anomaly detection through AWS Lookout For Equipment and better asset management with AWS Sitewise and the ability to create alerts and alarms for different scenarios.

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