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19 gw

green energy gigawatts the U.S. added during 2020


worldwide green energy market growth rate in 2020

$1.1 trillion

global renewable energy market size by 2027



TensorIoT created a technology stack that demonstrates the business value of the AWS features and gives the client the ability to use AWS IoT SiteWise and other tools.


How can the client move their historian to AWS to unlock the latest in advanced IoT technology?.


TensorIoT gave the client the necessary backend infrastructure required to utilize edge and cloud IoT technologies such as AWS IoT SiteWise for improved tech management.


The client is a green energy company with the mission of making clean, reliable energy affordable for everyone in the world. They are pioneers in green fuel cell creation, and have built a fuel cell capable of producing air and fuel from electricity generated by a solar panel, with the vision of one day being able to support life on Mars.

The Challenge

The client produces a solid oxide fuel cell power generator which can utilize a variety of input fuels (including liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons produced from biological sources) to produce electricity for local areas around the physical location of generator. The client wanted to replace their existing historian with AWS loT SiteWise to unlock improved functionality.

The Solution

TensorIoT assisted the client with the design, test, and configuration of the AWS Cloud for edge gateway, AWS loT Greengrass, and AWS loT SiteWise. TensorIoT built the connectivity necessary for the client to create Business Intelligence (Bl) reports using historical data and gain alerts based on monitoring triggers.

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