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477 million

short tons of coal used in 2020

$17 billion

US coal market share in 2021


U.S. fossil fuel reserves in coal



TensorIoT created a document processing system to help an energy provider transition away from manual purchase orders.


Use AWS to build an order processing system with an intuitive user interface that automates the majority of the ordering process, leaving operators to quickly verify order details rather than lengthy input tasks.


TensorIoT leveraged AWS and Amazon Textract to deliver a new order processing system that improves processing speed and reduces the potential for errors.


The client, a leading energy provider, was handling the majority of their purchases orders by hand, taking the orders and manually inputting them into the system for processing. They wanted to leverage blockchain technology and transition their system to a more easy-to-use digital model.

The Challenge

The client’s existing order processing system wasn’t automated, and purchase orders were being delivered as TIFF files that required staff to manually scan and enter purchase order data, requiring extra processing time and leaving the process open to human error. That made it critical to add Amazon Textract to read and digitize the swift documents.

The Solution

TensorIoT developed a front end system with a blockchain feature that allowed staff to easily process these receipts for large purchase orders in a universal format called “swift” transactions. Then we leveraged AWS Textract to handle document processing, converting TIFF files into PDF for processing through an algorithm to retrieve only the data required for order processing.

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