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Sustainability Product Market Share in 2022

$13.7 Billion

Global Sustainability Market in 2023


Expected 5 Year CAGR for Sustainability Market



TensorIoT's deployment of a Generative AI solution has enabled the customer to automate key aspects of their operations, providing faster access to carbon emissions insights and improving their capacity to serve their clients' sustainability goals.


How can Generative AI be employed to automate key operations and enhance efficiency in sustainability reporting?


With our solution, the customer can now use a Large Language Model (LLM) to gain insights into carbon emissions, identify efficiencies, and uncover areas of potential improvement. The capability to generate expressions and analyze datasets using natural language brought significant value to their operations.


Our customer provides a platform that helps companies calculate their carbon emissions using data from various sources, such as utility bills, machine telemetry, and business units' input. Their goal is to aid their clients in meeting sustainability targets. They aimed to utilize Generative AI for automating significant parts of their operations, specifically extracting insights rapidly and asking data-driven questions using natural language.

The Challenge

The customer's platform was already an integral tool in assisting companies to achieve their sustainability objectives, but they faced the challenge of manually managing the vast quantities of data from various sources. This process was time-consuming and limited the speed and efficiency at which insights could be generated and decisions could be made. To address these issues, they identified a need to integrate Generative AI into their platform, with the specific goal of automating and accelerating the extraction of meaningful insights, and enabling natural language queries to efficiently interrogate data.

The Solution

TensorIoT worked collaboratively with the customer to identify suitable Generative AI applications to enhance their business processes. Our team embarked on a targeted strategy, creating a tailored solution that introduced a user-friendly interface to the platform. This new interface was capable of understanding natural language queries, a feature that allowed the customer to quickly extract carbon impact insights from their data. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, our solution transformed the customer's data management and query capabilities, thereby significantly speeding up the process of generating actionable insights. This enabled the customer to focus more on strategic tasks like identifying efficiencies and discovering opportunities for improvement.

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