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$3486.77 Bn

Global Hospitality Industry Value (2021)


Annual Growth Rate of Hospitality Industry in 2021

4 Million

Hotel Rooms Worldwide as of 2020



TensorIoT enabled the client to understand their system's reliability and scalability, identifying critical areas for improvement and paving the way for enhanced efficiency.


How can a testing framework be utilized to achieve deeper insights into the state of a company's vast system?


With TensorIoT's specialized tools and framework, the client now has the capability to deploy command and control via device shadows to evaluate their system's state, ensuring a systematic approach to constant improvement and optimization.


Our client is a global hospitality giant, a Fortune 500 company with more than 5,000 hotels and over one million rooms worldwide. In an industry marked by fierce competition and ever-changing customer needs, the client faced the intricate challenge of analyzing and overseeing their systems' reliability and scalability. Their vast network of hotels produces an immense amount of data every day, making it crucial to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and ensure maximum efficiency by performing, a thorough examination of their existing systems.

The Challenge

The client was working on their Connected Room platform and wanted to understand if AWS’ IoT platform could handle the amount of data they anticipated being pushed through. They needed an advanced technology partner who could dissect their current setup, investigate the underlying mechanics, and propose targeted enhancements to fuel their growth strategy.

The Solution

TensorIoT developed a robust testing framework, carefully crafting several different pipelines tailored to discover the ideal services for the client's specific use cases. Beyond mere testing, TensorIoT provided in-depth insights on how to implement command and control using device shadows, offering a comprehensive view of the system's state.

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