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TensorIoT gave the customer a self-owned company-wide robust data platform that delivers clear insight into key performance indicators, especially surrounding the use of their IoT-connected hearing aids.


How can you unlock data across an entire organization with multiple business units through the use of a fully adaptable IoT platform?


The client gained a full function IoT platform, complete with pre-built CI/CD development framework capable of being adapted and re-deployed for each new product.


The client is an American designer, developer and worldwide marketer of consumer brand-name housewares, health and home, and beauty products. The client was looking to extend IoT capabilities across a number of their brands and maximize the value of their data.

The Challenge

The client is a large corporation with multiple smaller companies. They wanted to improve understanding of their business, especially key metrics surrounding their hearing aid connected devices. With multiple entities under their umbrella, data was typically inaccessible at a macro level, impeding the company’s ability to incorporate data-driven decision making into their business models.

The Solution

TensorIoT consultants combined multiple independent data sources into a single unified data source to provide the key insights the customer required. Leveraging AWS’s Connected Device Framework as an accelerator, TensorIoT built a reusable IoT platform establishing consistent patterns of device management as well as flexible systems of data ingestion, transformation, and presentation.

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