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US automotive purchases in 2020

$8.9 trillion

Projected Global Automobile Market Value by 2030


Auto Market Growth Increase from 2020 to 2021



To enhance the customer’s operational processes, TensorIoT deployed edge hardware and AWS services to deliver advanced track and trace capabilities for their supply chain.


How can you gain improved visibility into your entire supply chain?


The customer gained broad visibility into their entire supply chain including live ETA estimates for incoming shipments. This new level of insight enabled them to plan and implement operational adjustments, thereby boosting efficiency.


Our customer designs, engineers, manufactures and sells vehicles and related parts, services and production systems worldwide. However, they faced struggles with tracking vehicle parts during production and shipping. The inability to monitor deviations from expected destinations further complicated matters. Keen on refining their operations, the customer wanted to leverage AWS services to create a track and trace solution for enhancing supply chain efficiency.

The Challenge

The customer needed to boost visibility around incoming auto parts shipments. Misplaced or lost parts shipments were causing notable disruptions to their lean manufacturing processes. They aspired to achieve a cloud-enabled digital transformation for their logistics and supply chain management.

The Solution

TensorIoT engineered a centralized solution that enabled the customer to gather data and supervise inbound and outbound logistics. This solution amalgamated ERP data (including parts lists), operational data (including truck loading and departure events), and truck asset data (including GPS and speed), uniting the entire supply chain under a single view.

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