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$ 2.5 billion

$2.5 billion - Estimated value of the global hydrogen vehicle market in 2020.


Annual growth rate of the global hydrogen vehicle market from 2020-2027.


Number of hydrogen refueling stations in the U.S. as of 2021.



TensorIoT built and deployed a solution that used an edge computing platform to capture, transmit, and display hydrogen fueling station data in a custom-built single pane of glass UI.


How can you gain deeper insights into hydrogen fueling station operations using edge computing, data analytics, and AWS services?


The client has a central viewpoint into their hydrogen refueling station with automated alarms and KPI metrics to determine the need for repair and maintenance. The system also provides support for regulatory reporting in compliance with state and federal regulations.


The customer is an international conglomerate specializing in industrial gases, ceramics, electronics, plastics, chemicals, metals, and more. In order to help improve operational awareness and enable data-driven decision making, the customer recognized the need to leverage IoT technologies and build a modern station monitoring application to visualize the data coming from their fleet of stations.

The Challenge

The customer’s goal was to acquire a modern station monitoring application to visualize their hydrogen fueling station data. To maximize data value, the customer needed advanced data and analytics delivered in a single pane of glass view of all their stations to track key KPI’s, provide immediate notification of errors/malfunctions, and improve their station monitoring. In order to meet their business needs, the customer was looking for a solution capable of ingesting the sensor data from one of their stations and create a visualization tool to see the data that was coming in from the station.

The Solution

TensorIoT built the customer a single pane of glass comprehensive view of their hydrogen stations, using an edge computing device to capture sensor data for processing through AWS data and analytics services. The solution includes a reporting and alarm notification system to support station functionality and enable stakeholders to make data-driven business decisions. Furthermore, the solution ensures that the station status and hydrogen levels are made available to the public via an external platform, which helps drivers locate refueling stations.

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