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100 Billion

Forecasted Revenue of Smart City Infrastructure


Share of Total Smart City Revenue Worldwide will be From Smart City Infrastructure.


Of the World’s Energy is Consumed by Cities.



TensorIoT created an updated AWS infrastructure with a CI/CD pipeline that automated customer onboarding to provide a dramatic reduction in time and an improved user experience.


How can you utilize DevOps and automation to reduce process delays and improve the speed to onboard a new customer from days to minutes?


The time required to onboard new customers into the client environment has been dramatically reduced from an average 2-3 day period to just 30 minutes to fully set up a new customer. The client also


The client is an American technology company found to help cities and utilities manage resources with innovative products and services. Their primary focus is in smart energy grids, smart gas, and smart water, helping municipalities improve the quality of their resource management programs.

The Challenge

The client’s customers had difficulty creating a working environment to test and develop on client products. Customers would spend hours setting up a local environment and found it challenging to maintain the environment. The client needed a solution that improved their infrastructure to quickly set up customers with a secure environment allowing them to test and develop on client products.

The Solution

TensorIoT created a CI/CD pipeline for iTron's SDK that allowed them to make iterations quickly and then deploy the updated SDK to the client accounts without disrupting the ongoing work. First, TensorIoT created a FrontEnd interface to register new customers. On registration, AWS Control Tower will create an AWS Account for the customer. On AWS Account creation, AWS Cloudformation stack sets launches the custom AWS Cloudformation template to fully set up the AWS Account with a working environment to test and develop on Itron products. The environment consisted of an S3 bucket containing configuration files and simulation data for the Itron SDK Simulator, a AWS Fargate task that runs the Itron SDK Simulator on command. When the AWS Fargate task runs, the simulator sends data to IoT Core which is then stored in Amazon DynamoDB for review and Amazon Cloudwatch for complete visibility of the running AWS Fargate task.

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