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Communication modules delivered



$2.2 billion

In revenue in 2020



TensorIoT and AWS Professional Services collaborated to provide Itron Idea Labs with a cloud solution to support the Itron Manhattan SDK. This software solution was the first time LwM2M protocol bridged into AWS IoT Core.


Itron wanted to remedy two major issues - project delays and high up-front costs, and looked to TensorIoT and AWS to deliver improved integration and scalability.


TensorIoT worked in collaboration with AWS Professional Services to provide a highly scalable and robust solution. We created infrastructure as code that deploys the backend and frontend for device management, monitoring, and data ingestion.


Itron was founded in 1977 by a group of engineers searching for a more efficient way to read meters, and the company was built to enable utilities and cities to better manage their resources by using technology in innovative ways. Itron Idea Labs, the company’s solution incubation team, helps bring IoT technology to Smart Cities around the world.

The Challenge

Itron faced two major problems in developing solutions for public sector organizations: project delays, and large up-front costs. Project delays were caused by third-party device manufacturers taking too long to integrate devices into their on-premises management system. The large up-front costs to provision resources were often due to the lack of easy scaling for their on-premises data centers. Although AWS was a clear answer for cloud-based integration and scalability, Itron wanted the expertise of an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to help build key infrastructure.

The Solution

Devices using the Manhattan SDK will be able to connect to LWM2M servers running in AWS. These devices will then bootstrap to get configuration details on where to send data in IoT core. This data is then used to monitor the devices state and any alarms they may generate day-to-day. Device commands are also sent over IoT core to a LWM2M bridge that is listening on MQTT and waiting to forward any needed commands to the LWM2M server that the bridge is running in conjunction with.

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