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5.5 Million

Estimated U.S. Cases of Alzheimer’s Disease

$305 Billion

Estimated Global Cost of Alzheimer’s-Related Healthcare

50 Million

Estimated Global Cases of Alzheimer’s Disease



TensorIoT helped our client deploy a chatbot to aid in early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, along with a supporting website and call center.


How can you use a chatbot to facilitate early detection of Alzheimer’s disease?


The client now has an application that allows users to take a remote assessment to determine if they or a loved one has early signs of Alzheimer's and provide resources, as well as capturing user metrics to improve future engagements.


The client is a leading innovative scientific research with a mission to defeat devastating neurological diseases. The client developed a method for detecting early signs of Alzheimer's disease and needed support in developing a customer website and contact call center to meet the demands for their new findings in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

The Challenge

TensorIoT created a chatbot to handle the self-assessment for early Alzheimer’s detection along with a supporting website and call center. TensorIoT also developed Amazon Quicksight dashboards and analytics to improve the website and contact center as well as provide metrics regarding drop off rates and technical issues.

The Solution

TensorIoT built a custom chatbot along with the backend infrastructure to support the website and contact call center. In addition, a data pipeline was developed to analyze how customers were interacting with the application. The data for the call center, chat bots, and website interactions are all captured, and then presented on a Quicksight dashboard.

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