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1 billion

people and companies using client's services


countries served by client

$5 billion

in annual revenue



TensorIoT partnered with a leading financial institution to implement an AI-powered chatbot, automating credit report disputes and delivering significant improvements in customer service efficiency and satisfaction.


How can you automate the handling of credit report disputes to improve customer service efficiency and satisfaction?


The AI-powered chatbot reduced response times by an estimated 50% and increased customer satisfaction scores by an estimated 25%, significantly enhancing the client's customer service efficiency and experience.


For financial companies, consumer fraud protection is a keystone for keeping customers happy. Our client, a multinational consumer credit reporting company, operates a call center that serves thousands of customers daily. They wanted to leverage conversational interfaces and voice bots to automate the handling of credit report disputes, a common and relatively straightforward process, making it ideal for automation.

The Challenge

The client needed an automated, natural language chatbot that could accurately capture the context of customers' actions and assist in quickly resolving their credit report disputes. The solution needed to adapt and improve performance for future callers, despite variations in user responses, abbreviations, and other complications.

The Solution

TensorIoT developed an AI-powered chatbot that allows customers to navigate the dispute process through the client's service line. The chatbot, built using Amazon Lex and integrated with AWS Connect, collects basic identifying information to locate the customer's credit report. A custom-built 'synonym management tool' enhances the chatbot's performance by recognizing abbreviations and synonyms, ensuring accurate understanding of customer inquiries.

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