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Estimated Percentage Increase in Sick Leave from Poor Air Quality


Estimated Office Buildings Worldwide With Poor Indoor Air Quality


Recommended CO2 Levels in a Safe Workplace Environment (In PPM)



TensorIoT enabled the client to enhance worker safety and build a robust sustainability platform through a customized air quality measurement solution. The swift 5-month ROI allowed expansion into monitoring energy and water consumption.


How can you monitor the air quality in massive warehouses?


The customer has replaced their third-party systems with edge monitoring devices that provide a rapid return on investment (ROI) within just five months. The substantial savings allowed the client to expand their sustainability offering to include energy and water consumption monitoring.


The client is a global company with a vast landscape of customer offerings including brick and mortar stores, entertainment, åonline shopping, devices and cloud services. In order to better serve their customers, the client wanted to leverage AWS IoT and CV machine learning services to build a network of smart sensors to monitor temperature and other freshness signals in real time.

The Challenge

The client has a large warehouse footprint across the US, and they aimed to measure internal and external air quality. Their goal was twofold: to safeguard worker health and build a robust sustainability platform. Their existing solution was proving costly due to high rental fees and provided no access to the collected data or hardware.

The Solution

TensorIoT crafted a comprehensive solution, starting from scratch, which paired a custom hardware solution with powerful dashboards and a data feed directly to the client's cloud account. This solution not only facilitated the integration of third-party data for additional insights but also offered a low-touch installation process for easy and efficient scaling.

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