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U.S. Market Share of the Content Moderation Market

$13 Billion

Global Content Moderation Market in 2023


Expected CAGR for Content Moderation from 2023-2030



TensorIoT and LiveLike partnered to create an AI-powered content moderation system on AWS. This solution not only improved efficiency and accuracy but also drove business value by enhancing user engagement.


How can generative AI be used to boost the accuracy and efficiency of content moderation across platforms?


The AI-driven system has been transformative for LiveLike, significantly reducing manual effort and enhancing moderation quality. This success directly contributes to increased user engagement and opens new avenues for revenue generation.


LiveLike, a global leader in digital experiences, aims to transform passive audiences into engaged users. Their mission focuses on empowering digital platforms to foster deeper fan engagement and unlock new revenue streams. The challenge was to ensure their platform's content resonates with their mission and the diverse principles of their client brands. LiveLike wanted to leverage AWS and generative AI technologies to revolutionize their content moderation capabilities.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to construct a content moderation system robust enough to handle a large volume of daily data and diverse types of content. Manual moderation was insufficient and unsustainable. An automated, AI-driven solution was key to manage the complexity and scale of moderating content across various platforms, all while maintaining LiveLike's commitment to deepening fan engagement.

The Solution

TensorIoT utilized AWS services and Large Language Models (LLMs) to augment LiveLike's content moderation system. The LLMs were seamlessly integrated into LiveLike's existing platform and fine-tuned to flag and remove offensive content efficiently. A feedback loop was established for continuous learning and performance improvement, eliminating the need for separate model training. This approach not only led to cost savings but also allowed for highly customized content moderation, thereby democratizing online engagement tools in line with LiveLike's vision.

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