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40.1 Million

Estimated Airline Flights in 2024

4.7 billion

Estimated Number of Airplane Passengers in 2024

$964 billion

2024 Market Value Projection



TensorIoT empowered a major airline to transform their contact center with conversational AI and automated testing, resulting in streamlined operations and enhanced customer support.


How can you leverage conversational AI and automated testing to streamline your contact center operations and enhance customer support?


By integrating conversational AI bots into their contact center, the airline significantly improved call processing efficiency and customer satisfaction. The successful implementation of the solution led to a nationwide expansion across all the airline's contact centers, demonstrating its effectiveness and robustness.


Our customer, a major airline, wanted to revamp their contact center to streamline call handling and enhance customer support. They recognized the potential of conversational AI and automated testing to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, and wanted a trusted technology partner to guide their transformation journey.

The Challenge

The airline faced challenges in managing high call volumes and ensuring consistent, high-quality customer support across their contact centers. They needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate conversational AI capabilities and automated testing to optimize their call handling processes and deliver superior customer experiences.

The Solution

TensorIoT designed a comprehensive solution to address the airline's needs. We developed a conversational user interface using Amazon Lex and assisted the client in implementing CI/CD pipelines to deploy chatbots across various project stages. Additionally, we designed and implemented automated test plans tailored specifically for the conversational AI bots, ensuring their reliability and performance in a non-production environment.

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