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Expected Growth Rate of Digital Imaging Industry (2022-2029)


Industry Size in Millions (2020)


Amount of the World Market made up of the Technology Industry



TensorIoT helped the client integrate an end-to-end automated data lake based reporting solution to back productivity.


How can you benefit from using a cloud-native automated solution?


With the AWS data lake TensorIoT built, the client has reduced the time cost for report generation from weeks to minutes, a significant productivity improvement and their end users are now able to access the data faster than ever. The client also gained a repeatable template which can be used to develop new reports and maintain the same time savings and productivity boost.


The client is a leading semiconductor manufacturer that develops advanced digital imaging, analog and touch and display solutions for multiple applications and industries. With the client’s large database they recognized their need for a modernized reporting cloud-native infrastructure.

The Challenge

The client wanted to modernize their reporting infrastructure by moving from a slower, desktop based reporting solution to a more cloud-native automated solution so that they can reduce the time and effort spent on generating reports and focus on improving other areas . They were also looking to improve the way users access the reports

The Solution

TensorIoT developed an end-to-end automated data lake-based reporting solution on AWS Cloud while training the customer on how to use the new solution in real time. TensorIoT used Amazon S3 for data storage with a pipeline to Amazon Redshift for cloud data warehousing to create the data lake for serverless integration and analysis using AWS Glue. The solution was delivered as a fully deployable package using CDK.

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