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price of copper per ton

$230 billion

global base metal mining market size


expected annual market growth



TensorIoT created an IoT monitoring system that included Connected Device Framework (CDF) to help the client track their assets and send alerts when any problems were detected.


Use AWS to build a complete IoT Monitoring system to improve asset management and give a CDF for company use.


TensorIoT leveraged AWS and LoRaWAN technologies to deliver a system meeting the client’s requirements, protecting costly equipment from malfunction or theft.


The client, a leading mining company, had hundreds of thousands of machines on dozens of sites. They wanted to introduce digital technology to start collecting and monitoring the health of their machines across their sites. This would allow them to manage and operate their devices remotely, monitor the health and extend the life of their machinery, and to automate the daily operations at the sites.

The Challenge

The client was looking for an IoT solution to help monitor their high value assets in order to better understand and influence their operational health and efficiency. They came to AWS to provision an IoT Platform which could meet the requirements around Device Provisioning, Device Health Data Ingestion, Device Health Data Monitoring & Alerting, and Device Management. The primary challenge of the engagement was creating a digital representation of the organization's assets (taken from their SAP system) for incorporation into the IoT Monitoring system.

The Solution

TensorIoT used AWS tools and designed a robust IoT Monitoring System using existing LoRaWAN assets with scalability for additional assets. The monitoring system allows for device provisioning and device health alerts to enable the client to track their high-value resources and proactively attend to machinery that required attention.

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