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$539 billion

2020 Medicine Expenditures In The U.S.

4+ million

Jobs Created By The U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry


Of The Global Pharmaceutical Market Is Accounted For By The U.S. Pharmaceutical Market in 2020.



TensorIoT helped the customer gain a modernized IoT platform by developing a custom architecture and developing a specialized automation solution.


How can you transition a customer to an AWS infrastructure that enhances their designed to meet their needs and improve efficiency?


The client gained a modern digital platform including IoT connectivity that provided the basis for an enhanced digital transformation of the client’s labs.


The client is a pharmaceutical company that engages in the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products. Their products are sold worldwide, so they consistently aim to use the latest improvements in modern technology to maximize their efficiency. To improve their system, they wanted to automate with AWS solutions. The client needed guidance modernizing their IoT platform including detailed documentation and architectural suggestions.

The Challenge

TensorIoT leveraged the customer’s existing architecture to build out new solutions for IoT enabled sensors and other IIOT use cases to give the client an IoT platform to streamline support and maintenance. TensorIoT created an ingestion process on the edge, via Amazon Greengrass, to transmit the client’s lab equipment telemetry data to AWS IoT Core. They also developed an automated process to refresh the solutions table by running AWS Athena queries on a schedule time loop.

The Solution

TensorIoT converted the client’s existing legacy system to a modernized digital platform that ingests lab equipment data into a fully integrated AWS cloud infrastructure for processing, storage, and analysis.

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