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368 million

Metric Tons of Annual Global Plastic Production in 2019


Global Plastic Materials Production is Accounted for by North America


Of Production Energy is Saved by Recycled Steel



TensorIoT worked with the client to develop the AWS backend infrastructure as well as the mobile application to serve dashboards to end users.


How can you view your company pallets and their products for easier usage selection?


The creation of the custom solution enabled the clients junior pickers to correctly build stable pallets with correct products.


The client has over a century of experience as a global solutions provider and is a leading authority on sustainable supply chain solutions. The company has leveraged its expertise in supply chains and operational optimization to generate revolutionary innovations in such varied industries as consumer-packaged goods, dairy, beverage, waste management, agriculture, and ecommerce.

The Challenge

The client is a global solutions provider specializing in supply chain solutions. The client needs a solution to enable untrained junior pickers to build stable pallets with correct products. TensorIoT utilized the Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well as data provided by the client to build out the desired application that will take care of the use cases.

The Solution

TensorIoT delivered a custom solution that displays step-by-step instructions to the junior picker on how to build a pallet with products. It where the pallets will be placed on the pallet jack, which of the pallets to place a product, and routes the picker to the next station they must head towards after each step. The solution also provides a backend that allows the client to submit the pallets to be handled by the junior picker and what products must be placed next into the pallet. Additionally, the backend communicates with a wrapping station to make sure pallet wrapping was successful and alert the junior picker if an issues occurred.

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