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$16 billion

Global Medical Robotics Industry Expected Value by 2025.

12 million

Number of Robots in the World


Compound Annual Growth Rate in Medical Robotic Industry



To improve the client's operations, TensorIoT developed the AWS backend infrastructure as well as the web application to serve end users.


How can you create a web portal on AWS that allows customers self-service cloud data retrieval based on user permissions?


The client gained a custom web portal with AWS backend infrastructure that gave access to aggregate cloud data files based on user designations.


The customer is a health science robotics company that provides the scientific community with a common platform to easily share protocols. In order to better serve their clients, their Pandemic Response Lab’s (PRL) was interested in procuring a web portal with user permissions to allow users self-service methods for data access and retrieval.

The Challenge

Our customer’s Pandemic Response Lab was looking to better serve their clients by creating a web portal which allowed their clients to retrieve data in a self-serve manner. They wanted to have the ability to restrict file access as required and give permission to users who should access those files. The client lacked a cloud-based storage system for data scientists to upload retrievable files for clients, as opposed to individually sending the files to each client.

The Solution

To support our clients efforts, TensorIoT developed the AWS backend infrastructure and web application to enable selected clients the ability to retrieve aggregate data files based on configurable user roles and permissions. Authorized users are allowed to access the file from the cloud and download it to their local device.

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