A Safer Workplace for Everyone

An easy-to-use solution for automatically monitoring compliance with social distancing policies.

Powered by machine learning, users are intelligently alerted as needed. Anyone with a responsibility to enforce social distancing policies can benefit from this solution. When it comes to protecting customers, employees, and ultimately communities, a constantly vigilant, effort-free solution provides peace of mind and a safer workplace for everyone.

SafetyVisor is an easy-to-use solution that leverages computer vision to help keep workers safe. Built on past success with monitoring worker PPE utilization in industrial settings, the solution has grown to address emerging needs in the post- COVD world.

Mask Detection

With an expanded definition of PPE SafetyVisor can now alert users when guests and workers fail to wear recommended face masks.

Social Distancing Detection

Monitoring the space between people and compensating for scene geometry to estimate distance, SafetyVisor can intelligently alert users when social distancing violations occur.

Space Utilization Maps

By tracking human movement over time, heatmaps enable data-driven cleaning and disinfecting efforts to target high-traffic areas.

When it comes to protecting customers, employees, and ultimately communities.  A constantly vigilant, effort-free solution enables a safer environment and ultimately peace of mind. Using Edge technologies makes SafetyVisor lightweight and easy to deploy, no special training necessary.

Cloud Based Infrastructure

Easy to set up and configure

Fully secure image storage

Works with existing IP cameras

Real time alerts include images