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quickly spot defects and anomalies

With AWS Lookout for Vision, QA specialists and other production workers can quickly view and interact with their data to help inform decisions, identify patterns, and fine tune machine recipes.

Amazon Lookout for Vision Benefits

When we heard about Amazon Lookout for Vision, we jumped on board. Here are some of the reasons we love it:

Quickly and easily improve processes

Increase production quality, fast

Reduce operational costs

Low setup costs


Accurate results in challenging conditions

Continuously improve accuracy



Our customers are constantly striving to improve the quality of their products, which has traditionally had a delicate balance with operational throughput. While TensorIoT has shown success in using computer vision anomaly detection in the past, Amazon Lookout for Vision will help us deliver results for our customers at an accelerated rate, significantly reducing the time it takes to deliver a solution onto production lines where they can drive higher throughput and lower waste.

Charles Burden

VP of Consulting, TensorIoT



How TensorIoT is using Amazon Lookout for Vision to improve our solutions

By Nicholas Burden & Viraj Deshwal

As official launch partners for Amazon Lookout for Vision, TensorIoT is excited to share one of the ways we’re using this innovative technology to improve our solutions.

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