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With sensors, a cloud gateway, and SmartInsights powered by AWS, you can quickly deploy your own Smart Factory production pilot with minimal investment and no obligation.


Belden and TensorIoT are working together to deliver a seamless digital transformation journey for manufacturers and other industrial companies. Our mutual customers can count on Belden infrastructure to securely and reliably deliver data to monitor and understand operations coupled with clear visualizations and advanced analytics provided by TensorIoT. Together, Belden and TensorIoT are helping customers quickly transform vast quantities of equipment data into actionable insights to improve industrial operations.


Key Benefits

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How Customers Use It

One manufacturer recently deployed SmartInsights and within two weeks was able to see energy usage data indicating poor performance in mixing equipment. By taking corrective action to reconfigure a drive motor, the manufacturer reduced energy use by over 10% while improving throughput nearly 20%. All of this was made possible from a single data point on a single piece of equipment, which demonstrates the power of collecting data even from older equipment and making it visible to production staff. Whether you have newer equipment or machines that are decades old, CloudRail can get your machine data to your own AWS cloud account, where SmartInsights can help you visualize and analyze the data to give you the power to spot problems, take corrective action, and improve operational performance.

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