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How we're using Amazon OpenSearch

OpenSearch is an open source, distributed search and analytics suite derived from Elasticsearch.

About Amazon OpenSearch

Amazon OpenSearch securely unlocks real-time search, monitoring, and analysis of business and operational data for use cases like application monitoring, log analytics, observability, and website search.

How we're using Amazon OpenSearch

TensorIoT incorporates the power of Amazon OpenSearch into many of our use cases involving data and analytics, including our popular SmartInsights solution. When we’re developing applications or transactional data stores, OpenSearch provides richer search functionality. We also rely on OpenSearch to store and query metadata, provide log analytics and visualizations, and create performance dashboards. OpenSearch is an excellent tool in the hands of experts like the TensorIoT development team!

Benefits of Amazon OpenSearch

Focus on analysis instead of spending time managing your deployment, and adjusting deployment configurations as requirements change

Meet and maintain high security for authentication, authorization, encryption, audit, and regulatory compliance.

Deliver log and trace analytics solutions while developing interactive queries and visualizing results with high adaptability and speed.

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