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Seamless management, unmatched observability, and real-time insights

Improve equipment observability

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics

  • Uptime tracking and usage statistics

  • Self-healing calibration and over-the-air updates

  • Predictive maintenance with machine learning

  • Real-time alerting and consumables tracking


Optimize equipment use

  • Real-time troubleshooting guidance

  • Efficiency maximization through IoT and AI

  • Anomaly detection for performance improvement

Streamline business practices

  • Simplified scheduling and capacity planning

  • Integrated data management for a single source of truth

  • Enhanced consumables inventory management

Highly secure and compliant

  • Data protection within your system or AWS account

  • Compliance with HIPAA, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, QMS, and more

  • Incorporation of AWS security best practices


Revolutionizing lab equipment management


Life sciences companies often face equipment downtime, calibration inefficiencies, and compliance hurdles. Fragmented solutions require multiple systems to handle data, leading to operational inefficiencies and increased risks.

Instrument 360°, powered by TensorIoT, is an all-encompassing lab equipment management solution, offering:

  • Local and remote monitoring through AWS IoT Core and AWS Lambda

  • Real-time data analytics via Amazon SageMaker

  • A unified dashboard for a holistic view of equipment data

  • Compliance adherence with major regulations ensuring data integrity


  • Enhanced equipment observability through real-time monitoring

  • Efficient equipment use with predictive maintenance

  • Streamlined business practices via integrated enterprise systems

Data management:

  • End-to-end data management with AWS services

  • Primary data storage in Amazon S3 with predictive analytics through Amazon SageMaker


Performance metrics:

  • Customizable to specific lab and equipment needs

  • Optimized data collection intervals and alert mechanisms

Success metrics:

  • Increased lab efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved compliance and data management reported by clients

Discover how Instrument 360° can transform your lab equipment management. Get in touch for a demo today.

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